Intruder Alarms Frequently Asked Questions

Intruder Alarm FAQs

What different types of intruder alarms do Strobe Security Solutions install?

Strobe Security Solutions install wireless and hardwired intruder alarm systems, recommended depending on the requirements of the premises. Once we have conducted a free site survey, identified strengths and weaknesses in the existing security setup (if any) and discussed your requirements, we can then choose the best systems for you, alongside you.

Generally, we install three different types of burglar alarm system.

1 – Monitored Alarm Systems – A monitored alarm system is connected to a dedicated alarm receiving centre (ARC) which monitors your property. If your alarm is activated, they will contact you and, where applicable, the police.

2 – Self-monitored Alarm Systems – As the name would suggest, these are self-monitored. The system will telephone you or the people you have previously specified when the alarm is triggered.

3 – Bell-Only Alarm Systems – These are simple to install and cheaper than monitored and self-monitored variants, though it should be mentioned that they will simply make a loud alarm, and will not notify the police, an ARC, or you that it has been triggered.

Our site surveys are intended as an examination of your property, and are intended to ascertain what system is sufficient for your property as well as your circumstances. They are entirely free of charge and completely obligation free- and are undertaken by qualified, experienced staff.

Do you install monitored alarm systems?

Absolutely. A monitored alarm system is, as the name would imply, an alarm which is linked to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) by a telephone line (PSTN) mobile network (GSM or GPRS) broadband (IP) or a similar method.

It is important to remember that different types of monitored alarm systems transmit information throughout different ways, so regardless of where you live, the chances are you can get the benefit of a monitored alarm system.

Will the Police Come when the Alarm Goes Off?

If you have a monitored alarm system with the option of Police Response, then the ARC will contact the police if a ‘confirmed’ signal is transmitted from the alarm system.

it should be noted that the police will only visit a property when they have verification from the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) confirming that they believe the alarm has sounded in a genuine situation, and not a misfire. They will accept one of three options:

1 – Video Verification – Involves the ARC viewing alarmed areas remotely using CCTV cameras used by the system.

2-  Audio verification – For this method of verification, the police will request that the ARC listens to what is happening in the premises using microphones which are part of the system.

3- Sequential Verification – This involves two different detectors triggering in one instance of the alarm going off. At the first trigger, the ARC will listen in on the premises, and determine whether or not they can hear sounds which indicate a break-in.
At this stage, the police are not informed but the ARC will call the keyholders.

Most monitored intruder alarm systems use Sequential Verification.

What happens if too many false alarms go to the police?

The police treat intruder alarm calls under two categories of response. Level 1 signifies an immediate response, and level 3 denotes no response whatsoever. Most police forces will give “three lives” for intruder alarms, and two for panic alarms.

How long does installation take?

It varies on the size of the property and system specification required for the property in question, but typically, a three bedroom house will take one day for us. This is start-to-finish, including setup and testing.

Will the work create a big mess?

We try to minimise the disruption or inconvenience caused when we carry out an installation. While we are drilling, we’ll cover your floor with a sheet so your furnishings won't be made dirty. Once we have finished we sweep the area, or vaccum up any dirt should it be necessary.

Our fitters pride themselves on their neatness and tidiness, and you should not notice that we’ve even been there.

Can I set my home intruder alarm at night?

Yes, the alarm systems we provide allow you to fully-set or part-set the system depending on your situational needs. So at night you can leave the ground floor set and the first floor unset, so you can walk around without worry.

Are Strobe Security Solutions competitive on price?

All our systems are competitively priced.

What guarantee do Strobe Security Solutions offer?

Any un-interfered component related issues within the first 12 months will attended to and replaced (if needed) free of charge.

Is it possible to have alarms which are not monitored?

Yes, you can have an alarm system fitted which has no monitoring and you are solely in control of it, this is referred to as a ‘bell/audible only system’ – and it should be noted that with these, the police will not be notified should it be triggered. Furthermore, you are not notified should it be triggered.

Are intruder alarms easy to use?

The intruder alarms we install are very user friendly, in most cases a programmed keyfob will set and unset the system. A simplified user guide is provided for you, and we are always here to help, so you can call us if you have any issues. We understand the security concerns of our customers, and we understand that customer support doesn’t cease when a sale is made.

Are your alarms sensitive to pets?

If you have pets at home, we can install pet-immune PIR detectors that will reduce the risk of false alarm activations.

Will my alarm work in a power cut?

In general, most alarms will work in the event of a power failure. All of our alarm control panels incorporate a standby battery which will power the system in the event of a mains electricity failure. The industry standard is for the battery to power the system for a min of 8 hours. If the system is armed and there is a power failure, the standby battery will hold the alarm in its current status until the power is restored or an activation is detected.

Why use a SSAIB registered installer?

Customer commitment:  SSAIB registered installers should provide you with the best possible service and, to this end, every SSAIB Recognised Firm is inspected to a specified programme every year. These visits cover the quality of installed security systems and other aspects of the company’s management including security screening of staff. If you are not satisfied with the service provided by an SSAIB registered installer, you may use the formal complaint procedure to try to resolve the matter. Any firm which repeatedly fails to meet the required standards faces a formal disciplinary procedure which can mean a fine for non-compliance or, for more serious breaches, removal from the list of Recognised Firms.

Essentially, SSAIB-registered installers are held to an exacting set of standards, whereas non-registered companies are not.

Your insurance company:  Insurance companies have been so impressed with the way SSAIB has raised standards among security alarm fitters that a great many now offer discounts to householders who purchase electronic security systems from SSAIB Recognised installers. For commercial premises, insurers now regularly insist on security systems which have been installed by SSAIB Recognised Firms before they will provide insurance cover.

The police:  The police acknowledge that SSAIB Recognised Firms comply with all the requirements set down in the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) unified policy on intruder alarms. A security system installed by a SSAIB Recognised Firm will thus qualify for connection to an Alarm Receiving Centre to summon the police should the need arise.

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