Door Access Control FAQs

Door Access Control FAQs

What Is Access Control?

Access control systems regulate entry into or within a premises, through controlling doors, barriers, turnstiles or gates via the use of a keypad, key-fob, token, swipe-card or even a bio-metric reader.

Whichever setup you choose, there are a whole host of solutions available depending on your needs, such as a
single-door keypad, up to 1000+ door IP networked systems.

Where Can Access Control Be Used?

Access control systems can be used anywhere there is a need to regulate access into or around premises, or even specific areas of a premises. Specific areas of a premises can be controlled, limiting who can enter certain parts of the building at given times.

What Types of Access Control Systems Are There?

The systems we install and maintain can be linked to a PC using access control management software, or, alternatively, we install and maintain stand-alone systems with a control unit that holds the required information to denote access as required.

With a stand-alone system, a series of enrolment and shadow cards can be used to regulate the distribution of keyfobs. Generally, users are “enrolled” onto the system using a master fob or enrolment card.

PC based systems can control larger numbers of doors, barriers, turnstiles and gates- with capacity for up to 10,000+ users.

How Are The Entrances Controlled?

A keypad, proximity reader, swipe-card reader or bio-metric reader is connected to a door controller which, if a PC based system is in operation, is then connected via data cable to a PC.

A stand-alone door controller retains all the information of users allowed access via that particular entrance.

The door controller also controls the operation of the entrance. If connected to a door it will trigger the release of an electric lock or magnetic lock when access is granted. If connected to a gate, barrier or turnstile the controller will give a signal which will open the entrance.

How Do I Get Badges / Key Cards Printed?

There are a number of companies throughout the UK and beyond which have the facilities to offer printing
services. Should you need a recommendation, let us know. We will be pleased to help.

What Happens If A Keyfob/Swipe Card Is Lost Or An Employee Leaves?

If a keyfob/swipe-card is lost or stolen on a stand-alone system, it can be deleted from the system with the use of the shadow card that is supplied with each fob meaning access can no longer be gained with that token.

Should an employee leave, you are able to disable their fob or their keycard from the main controlling unit to withdraw access.

If a token is lost or stolen on a PC based system, the token can either be deleted on the software or marked as lost. If marked as stolen it will register on the software when somebody attempts to use it. Likewise, the same measures can be taken should an employee leave on a PC-based system.

What Is A Biometric Reader?

A bio-metric reader uses an individual’s physiological trait, in this instance their fingerprint or iris of their eye, to allow them access in to and around premises.

The supervisor of the access control management system will ‘enrol’ users by getting them to scan their
fingerprint or iris on a bio-metric reader and then only users who have been registered on the system can gain access.

As a fingerprint and an iris is unique to an individual, this ensures that a bio-metric system is extremely secure.

What Do People Need To Carry Around?

It depends on what option works best for your company. You can use ID badges, key ring fobs, stick on fobs, or
other solutions. Our team will listen to you and survey your company’s requirements, and we’ll find the solution that works best for you.

Which Sort of Access System Does My Business Need?

Each type of access system has advantages and drawbacks, and should be considered carefully. Our team can
help you come to the right decision regarding the access system which is right for your needs.

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